UX/UI Designer

Kleros - Paris/Remote

a year ago

Kleros is an Ethereum autonomous organization that works as a decentralized third party to arbitrate disputes in every kind of contract, from very simple to highly complex ones. It relies on game theoretic incentives to have jurors rule cases correctly. The result is a dispute resolution system that renders ultimate judgements enforced by smart contracts in a fast, inexpensive, transparent and decentralized way.

Job Description

Working with the CTO and a Web3 (web interface to blockchain applications) developer you will be responsible for creating beautiful and user-friendly interface designs for our website and apps. This includes interfaces used by parties to create smart contracts, enter into a dispute, submit evidences interfaces used by jurors to review evidences, discuss them, vote and interfaces for the governance of Kleros. Additionally you will be responsible of creating visual content for our marketing and social channels.
As one of our first employees, you will be getting plenty freedom and responsibilities and are expected to be a pro-active member of our team. You’ll have the chance to be one of the pioneers of the blockchain revolution!

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