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Status - Remote

6 months ago

Status is building powerful decentralized apps on Ethereum that change the way we do things on the web. Our rapidly growing team is made up of self-motivated individuals who prosper in a fast-paced environment and value the ability to work from anywhere.

As a product, Status is an open source discovery tool for the Ethereum blockchain that makes it easy for anyone to access apps and services built on the decentralized web. Status also allows users to browse, chat, make payments and more.


Although still in its infancy, blockchain technology is developing rapidly and is poised to have a profound impact on our social, financial and legal systems. By joining us, you’ll help to craft the way people interact with these technologies.

Job role and Responsibilities

You think what’s the best for the app and do all you can to make the app great. You care about the product and you want to be proud of it. If your primary expertise is testing then you do all what good tester/team member in the remote team will do:

  • Think, analyze, learn, investigate, ask questions and find answers, deal with unknown/missed parts of the picture to make it complete
  • Know the team goals and what do we build or help to define this, review designs/stories/ideas to make them clear and testable, propose your own ideas for the product
  • Help developers with extra testing of the new features/fixed issues, check your hypothesis by doing manual or automation tests, inform all the team on where we are now with a product/feature/bug
  • Organise your work and do the most important thing first, share your priorities with a team, raise hand if need help, share your knowledge/approaches, cooperate with others to make things happen
  • Help to prevent bugs, report found bugs in a clear way, document and structure the tests we do as test cases/checklists, review bug reports from the customers - Try new builds/features as many times as it’s needed to make sure they finally work
  • Automate tests if you can or learn how to do it with us, if you are good in the test automation then help others to automate tests or teach them how to do this
  • Look for any improvements that’ll help do things smarter, faster, less boring in your primary area of expertise or in any other
  • Complain if needed but look for a solution and implement it to eliminate complains.
  • This is not all and it’s up to you to bring more of what you can do for making a great product that millions of users will love.


  • The more things you know and have done in testing the better. You can have 1 year of experience or 20. You can know Exploratory testing, Mobile testing, Selenium, Appium, Python, Java, Linux or not. You can know about Ethereum or not. The most important thing is that you can learn.
  • As everyone is working remotely and team is international, English is a primary language for communication, so you should be able to read, understand and formulate your thoughts in English every day.
  • If you have no or little expertise with test automation then prove you can explore new app, find and report bugs, follow long test checklist, invent and organize new test ideas, tell us what else you can bring as a tester and you will be welcome to join the team.
  • If you have test automation experience then do the things above plus show you can setup and configure environment, implement new test in Python for the Android app, and share your vision on iOS test automation in the context of the Status app.

Working at Status

We're a remote team of made up of 40 people scattered around the globe. Everyone at Status works from a location of their choosing - and we all meet up twice a year to strategize and strengthen our relationships.

We care deeply about open source software, and our organizational structure does away with strict hierarchy and fixed work hours. We believe in working with a high degree of autonomy while supporting the team's priorities.

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