Software Engineer

Kyokan - Remote

6 months ago

We are Kyokan (共感). We value collaboration, user delight, and dedication to craft. We work best in embedded, long-term engagements with top-tier teams. We design and deliver outstanding outcomes with our business partners.

FT FE: React/Vue/Ng, Redux/Cycle/FunctionalJS.

You should be able to show prudent and thoughtful aspirations as a software engineer. You must have experience implementing performant, pixel-perfect, maintainable, well-tested UIs, and you should be able to do so in about one-third the time that most competent people think possible. We work mostly in React, but will use a variety of technologies for new projects. Interest in Haskell and Solidity a plus. Work whatever hours you choose, from anywhere. Compensation is competitive and based on North American rates.

I understand this job posting is sparse on details: please say 'hi' to operations (at) for more info on what we're about, what we're working on, and our interview process.

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