Senior Product Designer

Bounties Network - Brooklyn/Remote

7 months ago

Bounties have existed for thousands of years as a tool to incentivize the completion of tasks; now the Bounties Network creates an open standard to manage bounties on all tasks, paying in any Ethereum token. We’re working to make it cheaper and easier to outsource work to the free market, so organizations can organize dynamically around what needs to get done.

As a designer at the Bounties Network, you will focus on our users, continuously iterating to understand how we can make their experiences as efficient as possible. How do we make it dead simple to describe the requirements of a task, even when you don’t understand the nuances of completing it? How do we minimize the time spent looking for bounties that users are capable of fulfilling, so they can spend all of their time working? These are the questions you will be asking on a continuous basis.

You should be passionate about bringing blockchain applications to the tourist users— the mainstream. On the Bounties Network team, you’ll enjoy an inclusive and open culture, centred around constantly exchanging positive and negative feedback. We are always iterating and improving our work, our culture, and ourselves. As a designer at ConsenSys, you’ll work as part of the design circle, our collective of designers from across the various product ventures at ConsenSys. As a Product Design Lead at the Bounties Network, you will take products from ideation and rough prototypes to high fidelity designs, relentlessly validating and pushing for accessible, delightful design solutions.

As a Lead Product Designer, you will:

  • Lead a collaborative design process from conception to launch: partner with small, global teams of engineers, product managers, and researchers to identify user needs, define product strategy, and create roadmaps
  • Develop storyboards, prototypes, and high-fidelity visual design to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas
  • Actively give and solicit feedback from other designers in order to continually raise the bar for quality
  • Mentor junior designers or interns, growing and iterating on our design culture by participating in design-team-wide initiatives such as recruiting, developing design principles, and improving design tools and process
  • Evangelize design and product thinking methodology
  • Fearlessly take on highly complex problem areas and then publish what you learn
  • Grow a design team as products mature

What we ask for:

  • You have 5+ years of experience working as a product designer on agile teams
  • You have solved complex problems with elegant, shipped product—evidenced in an online portfolio featuring end-to-end product design
  • You demonstrate product vision and use data and experimentation to provide product direction.
  • While you may not have a branding or marketing background, you understand customer experience and the relationship between brand and product design
  • You’re excellent at articulating design decisions, presenting to clients or stakeholders
  • You’re effective at prototyping at varying levels of fidelity
  • You demonstrate solid leadership skills and an ability to develop strong partnerships with product managers and engineers
  • You must be able to work autonomously and be self-motivated

Even better if:

  • You’re interested in or have experience with decentralized applications and blockchain
  • You’re interested in or have experience designing for fintech and accounting
  • You have experience at both large organizations and start-ups
  • You are able to facilitate design thinking workshops
  • You enjoy some amount of ambiguity and freedom to experiment
  • You’ve built or worked with design systems
  • You have front-end development experience

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