Senior Full-Stack Developer

Stellar - San Francisco

5 months ago

Stellar is changing the way financial systems work by making sending money as easy as sending email. To accomplish that, we have chosen to open-source our code and operate as a non-profit in order to build a open, inclusive software ecosystem that anyone can build upon and use.

  • You are very experienced – your dev friends come to you first with their hardest questions.
  • You are creative and logical and like to be appreciated for both.
  • Go and JS experience a plus.

We don’t care about pedigrees but we do care if you are smart and can get stuff done. Be nimble. Be enthusiastic. We want spirited debates about how to build tools that will impact the future of money.

We are a nonprofit so we do not have traditional equity ranges however we do have competitive salary structures which include optional grants in digital currency. Ideally we would like our team to be local . But if we can’t live without you and you are not able to relocate, then we might make an exception.

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