Product Manager

Aragon - Remote

8 months ago

Aragon’s mission is to let everyone create value without borders or intermediaries. Today we are building the new framework that the next generation of companies and organizations will be based upon, by using the Ethereum blockchain.

We are looking for a product manager to work on the Aragon dapp.


  • Technical expertise to understand what's happening under the hood.
  • Experience or very strong interest in managing remote teams.
  • Previous experience working in remote teams.
  • Very good written communication skills.
  • Being passionate about decentralization.
  • Being an autonomous individual with a proactive attitude and a love for time self-management (We are focus-driven work, not hours-driven).
  • Ability to adjust deadlines in a fast-moving environment.
  • Ability to manage fine-grained, specific moving parts of the project and its requirements.

Good to have

  • Experience contributing or managing open source projects.

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