Product Manager

0x - San Francisco

6 months ago

At 0x, we are laying the foundation for the crypto token economy. Our mission is to power a global network of exchange for all digital value. To get there, we need to hire an extraordinary team who have a passion for building transformative tools and products. You will help us further our culture of reliably shipping excellent products, giving back to the crypto-community and adding positive energy. The 0x organization is still in its formative stages and we are looking to grow our technical efforts across three distinct teams: User Tools, Developer Tools and R&D.

  1. We are a highly technical team, including the founders.
  2. Mission driven with a strong ethos: open up the financial system for anyone, anywhere.
  3. Inclusive, open-source culture.
  4. Addressing a unique technical challenge involving state-of-the-art decentralized technology.
  5. Offering the native token to the 0x protocol (ZRX), a liquid digital asset, as part of the compensation package.


The Developer Tools team plays a critical role in growing the 0x ecosystem by creating open source tools, documentation and resources that our community members use to build innovative decentralized applications on top of 0x protocol. Tools such as 0x.js and the Standard Relayer API have enabled a wide variety of developers to leverage the 0x smart contracts and Ethereum blockchain without requiring deep Ethereum expertise. As a result, a vibrant developer community has formed around 0x protocol and we are seeing a variety of interesting applications being built. Products created by the Developer Tools team will empower more developers, further grow our ecosystem and accelerate the pace of innovation.


As Product Manager for the Developer Tools team, you will execute a product roadmap and strategy to increase the size and productivity of our developer community. You will use metrics to inform your product strategy and to measure the impact of your decisions. You will collect feedback from community members to continuously refine our developer tools, documentation and educational resources. You will find ways to leverage and encourage external open source contributors. The developer tools that you help create will be used by hundreds of independent dev teams building unique products.


  • Create the product roadmap and strategy for the Developer Tools team
  • Guide execution of the product roadmap through sprint planning
  • Monitor the rapidly evolving 0x ecosystem to anticipate the needs of our developer community
  • Develop key performance indicators and metrics for evaluating developer engagement and ecosystem growth
  • Streamline onboarding for developers looking to use our developer tools
  • Synthesize clear priorities given multiple projects and workstreams
  • Build a world class team to create tools, documentation and resources that rival the likes of Stripe

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