Product Designer

Intrepid Ventures - Remote

7 months ago

We are a Blockchain venture studio

An anti-disciplinary and globally distributed software development team of designers, engineers, and social scientists building the future on Blockchain technology.

We partner with Entrepreneurs, Challenger Enterprises and Governments, to help them build blockchain organizations for scale, market leadership, and sustainability.

We are looking for an innovative Product Designer with a deep love for UX/UI. You are crazy about designing beautiful and intuitive interfaces.

As a Product Designer, you will be a part of the entire product design life cycle, from proposing initial concepts to shipping high quality features. You will be expected to contribute to all aspects of design, including research, testing, experience, interaction, and visual design.

The successful candidate will have an anti-disciplinary passion for advanced and emerging technology across Blockchain, Distributed ledger, Data Science, and Machine Learning. They are constantly learning how these technologies shape design decisions, make great products, and create innovative experiences.

Product Designers set the vision, human interaction, and ethos for our growing family of products. They are responsible for providing the thematic representation of the underlying values and culture of our multidisciplinary teams with the end goal of: shipping high-quality products and features on time.

As design leaders across technology and experience, you will realize the deep empathy our team has for customers and end users through lovable products.
This role demands passion for the customer, great technical depth, principled design thinking, well-honed product judgment, a stubborn refusal to settle, bold innovation, a high design bar, and a mentality of starting with the customer first and working backwards.

You should have experience as a Software Engineer, Designer or startup Founder, and have launched multiple successful products and features, preferably on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, desktop, and web).

Our teams at Intrepid Ventures are distributed, so you must be able to embrace an asynchronous communication environment. We expect you to have strong written communication skills in English, and be able to create working relationships with coworkers remotely.

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