Polyglot Engineers

Axiom Zen - Vancouver

8 months ago

Axiom Zen, creator of CryptoKitties, is a venture studio. We turn ideas into companies. Sometimes we work independently, other times we partner with Fortune 500 leaders or domain-expert investors. Our specialty is testing the potential of emerging technology to catalyze high-growth businesses. Today that means we're working on AI, AR, and Blockchain.

The Role:

Our engineering team is looking for talented polyglot engineers to join our growing team in Vancouver, BC, or possibly for remote positions.

What we’ll accomplish together:

We're a startup that creates startups; you'll have the opportunity to work on multiple projects across various industries including SaaS, Blockchain, Sports, and more.
We're sending shockwaves across industries by truly disrupting what was considered possible, come join us?

How to Apply:

  • A résumé or GitHub would be ideal.
  • A cover letter is not necessary but please do answer the following question:

"What's your proudest achievement in decentralized tech?"

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