Networking Engineer

Sia - Boston

7 months ago

Nebulous is an early stage VC-backed startup building a new kind of cloud storage platform. Powered by blockchain tech, we are able to securely create a marketplace for data that drives prices down and performance up. For data storage, our platform is faster, more reliable, more secure, and 1/10th the cost of traditional cloud data storage.

Sia, the platform, is one of the pioneers of the blockchain space, showcasing its power by decentralizing the cloud and bringing it years into the future. The team is on the front lines of decentralization, having spoken at prominent conferences such as Scaling Bitcoin.

We are looking for a networking engineer to help us optimize our uploading and downloading protocol, and to help us implement a simplified version of the lightning network to help consumers route payments to unknown hosts.


  • An understanding of threat models and adversarial programming
  • Experience writing networking code
  • Experience writing in Golang


  • Optimizing multi-step protocols to upload and download data. Protocols include a payment step that must be secure against malicious/byzantine actors.
  • Writing routing code to route payments from known hosts to unknown hosts, where the hosts have payment channels and payment channel chains to each other. This is a simplified version of the lightning protocol.
  • Maintaining and upgrading existing networking protocols within Sia, including the peer-to-peer network which propagates blocks and transactions.

To learn more, email our founder/CEO David Vorick

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