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Zcash - Remote

7 months ago

We're on a mission to give everyone on Earth an open, inclusive financial system, and we need your help.

The Zcash Company is at the forefront of the Internet Money revolution. Fueled by scientific discovery and guided by love for humanity, we are aiming to create a global, open economic fabric which will provide financial inclusion to potentially two billion unbanked people. We feel that we are part of something that is much bigger than ourselves.

Our flagship network, Zcash, launched in the fall of 2016 has quickly grown to be one of the most valued and admired cryptocurrencies/blockchains in the world.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are frustrated by the inequities of the world and you are not content to sit on the sidelines.
  • You want to do something about it. You want to help people have a chance to help themselves. You believe that creating a more open and inclusive economic system is a necessity, not an option.
  • You have educated yourself about cryptocurrencies and you believe they offer a way to do exactly what you want to do in life. And you know enough about technology to have a nagging suspicion in the back of your head that maybe, just maybe, too much personal information is out of your control. Perhaps you have never thought of it this way, but you might say that you believe privacy is a right, not a privilege.
  • Finally, you are passionate about the art and science of marketing. You understand that it is about helping people, not shouting at them and there are human-centric ways of creating awareness and positive feelings.
  • You are looking for the next big challenge in your career, where you can bring all of these elements of your personality together.

What the mission requires of you

You will be accountable for devising and executing our marketing strategy, including but not limited to research, branding, marcom, PR, product marketing, partners, and demand generation. Yes, that’s a lot. We get it.

The good news is…you’ll be surrounded (virtually, as you can work from anywhere) by people who want nothing more than your success.

As a team, we are focused on outcomes, not activities.

Over the next year, we want to become recognized as the world’s best cryptocurrency to protect an individual’s right to privacy. By the end of 2018, we intend for Zcash to be used by hundreds of millions of people around the world and to have a “cryptocurrency market cap” north of one trillion dollars.

The way we will know if we have achieved our goals by the end of 2018 is:

grow the number of transactions by 20x
grow the total value of transactions by 10x
grow the number of known users by 10x
be listed on the top 30 exchanges
You can see where we are today by looking here

This is a “build from scratch” role. You get to invent the future of the job as you invent the future of money.

You’re going to have to be entrepreneurial, self-motivated, and outcome-oriented and comfortable with the speed of our industry (hint: it’s fast, very fast)

You’re also going to have the softer skills of finesse and empathy to create authentic cross-functional relationships internally/externally to drive our mission forward.

Up for the task?

If you think you are up for it, great. We are going to give you a chance to demonstrate it over the course of the next few weeks.

We will ask you to complete a few assignments (some of them we will pay you for in ZEC) so that we can see the quality of your work AND figure out what it is like to work with you (and vice versa!).

In the world of blockchains, people don’t trust you just because you say you can do something. So, we are bringing that same type of “Proof of Work” to the interview process.

Bottom line, if you’re not passionate, we don’t want you. But if you are passionate, this could be your chance.

We look for people who are so passionate about this that they would do it for free, if they could. We recognize you can’t (most likely), which is why we offer a solid package as well. Talent recognizes talent.

Welcome to the Zcash adventure.


  • Very competitive salary
  • Equity
  • Benefits

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