Lead Developer

Phore - Remote

8 months ago

The role of Core Developer would be to contribute towards the ongoing development of the Phore project.

Candidates are required to have expertise in: C++, GO and Python; 3+ years experience would be advantageous. Multi-platform experience on Windows, Linux, MAC, iOS and Android would also be preferable but not essential.

In the short - medium term, development tasks would include, but not be limited to:

  • The creation of the functional Smart Contracts within the Phore project.
  • Segwit integration.
  • Assistance in the creation of Phores Decentralized Marketplace.

This would require candidates to:

  • Possess the ability to build attractive, reliable application software.
  • Possess the ability to easily identify and fix bugs.
  • Be able to work on various projects at any given time.
  • Be dependable and seize initiative.
  • Have excellent communication and time management skills.

If you meet the requirements and feel like this is the job for you, please don’t hesitate to send your CV to SagePHR@gmail.com.

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