Head of Design

Yours - San Francisco

5 months ago

We are improving the quality of content on the internet by getting people paid for creating and discovering good content. We don't need ads or subscriptions anymore - we have p2p micropayments. Everyone in the world will be an entrepreneur on their smartphone.

We are hiring the world's best people to join our mission. There are many ways you can help.

We want everyone in the world to benefit from the Yours platform. We are the first app in history to combine p2p micropayments with social content. We face unique design challenges to make this technology friendly to a global audience.

Our head of design will produce the world's greatest experience for the creation and consumption of content. Creators will have the best platform for making their work available to the world. Curators, moderators and others will find it easy to earn money by helping. And consumers will have the world's best content at their fingertips.

Please contact us if you are interested in UX design: jobs@yours.org

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