Fullstack engineer

Starbase - Remote

5 months ago

Starbase is blockchain token based crowdfunding/crowdsourcing platform.

We are now developing:

1.Token Bounty site(already developed)
2.Token Crowdsale site (half-developed)
3.Token early purchase and allocation system (half-developed)
4.Starbase platform web application (Token based crowdfunding/sourcing platform) (half-developed)
4-1. Multisig wallet system
4-2. Reward deposit & withdraw system for project
4-3. Escrow system for protect token purchasers.

And we are hiring fullstack engineer who wants to develop the Starbase platform web application together.
We are using node.js, angular2, react.js

You can contact us on support@starbase.co by sending your resumes with your achievements. And if you have strong interest around ICO/Blockchain token funding/payment that should be more great.

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