Frontend Engineer

Chainalysis - Remote

8 months ago

At Chainalysis we believe in the power of data to protect our society. We use cutting edge analytics on novel datasets that have real economic impacts. We help Bitcoin businesses remain compliant and detect fraud in real time. Our investigation software is also used to solve complex cyber crime cases. If you are up for conducting network analysis on one of the most complete and dynamic datasets of modern times, read on...

We are looking for rockstar frontend engineers to make a beautiful user experience for our customers. We think that to be up for the task you will probably need:

  • Strong overall JavaScript knowledge
  • AngularJS experience, or similar (React, Vue, etc)
  • Good HTML/CSS skills, including responsive designs
  • Experience with Restful APIs and using promises
  • Familiar with linters, such as ESLint
  • Understanding of Webpack
  • Good Git knowledge
  • Good troubleshooting skills and understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues
  • Passionate and happy
  • Excellent communication skills

You may also have:

  • Experience with TypeScript and ES6
  • Experience with CSS precompilers (SASS or LESS)
  • Experience writing frontend unit tests and e2e tests
  • Knowledge of Bitcoin at a technical level

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