Freelance Ethereum Developer

RadioYo - Delaware

a year ago

Looking for a sharp Freelance Ethereum Developer, man or woman, who can fill the following requirements. We're based in DE but you could work offsite.

We're looking for a really smart Developer who has his or her shit together. We want you to help us create our token, smart contract and wallet, backend to sell our token, and security.


  • Our token will be implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token.
  • The token can be removed from our ecosystem and spent, or traded elsewhere, and eventually cashed out for fiat currency.
  • We want to integrate wallets for each user account. The UI will allow for the most common wallet interactions.
  • The Ethereum network will serve as the currency’s decentralized settlement layer.
  • Users interacting with our currency inside our platform will have a more managed experience. This allows the system to solve for blockchain scalability bottlenecks, feeless transactions, faster transaction times, and encapsulation of complex features like private keys. Over time, our token will grow with the development of blockchain technology to accommodate these features in a fully decentralized setting.
  • We want to initially implement a semi-centralized hybrid public chain and private chain transaction service for scalable interactions with our cryptocurrency.
  • At the core, the transactions with our token will be settled on the Ethereum blockchain. However, we want to develop and host a centralized private chain ledger with an API available to all partners. This will (1) improve user experience due to latency, (2) avoid network fees when transacting between users, and (3) avoid stress on the public network due to large transaction volumes.
  • An easy to use identity service will be maintained by us and provide participants with code and API necessary to integrate it.

Skill set:

Bitcoin, Ethereum, CSS, HTML5, Github, Javascript, SQL

Please don't tell us you have the skills to do the job. I want to hear about your skills (real life examples are a good thing), what you think is the best and most effective way to get this project done, how long it would take to complete and the cost.

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