DevOps & Backend Engineer

Colony - Remote

6 months ago

Colony is building tools for a more open, collaborative, decentralized future of work. This includes an open protocol for coordinating the economic activity of a network of users, a GUI for starting and contributing to Colonies, and a library to add the Colony protocol to any application or organization.

We are a team of 12 with our headquarters in London and a team distributed across 10 countries. We have raised £1M funding and will be completing a token sale in Q3 2017.

About the role

We’re looking for a backend engineer with DevOps chops to join our remote team of 12. The role will be responsible for DevOps, but that will be a minor part of the role. The majority of the work will be backend. Our team handles multiple responsibilities, and we want the person who joins to have the same attitude.

The location is remote, unless you are in London, UK, then you are welcome to work out of our office.


Our stack

NodeJS (Meteor, Express), MongoDB, Ethereum and IPFS.

The work

We are looking for an experienced NodeJS developer to join our team and help us building great things, a person who strives for writing clean and elegant code, learns fast and is a real team player.

On a typical day you will:

  • Post your stand-up update so everyone knows what each other is working on at the moment
  • Work to maintain and improve our codebase, solve performance issues
  • Write efficient and testable code, help shaping and delivering new features
  • Review PRs and discuss its details
  • Have a pairing session to sort out a problem that got you or a colleague stuck
  • Participate on remote team and product meetings with people from all around the globe

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience developing and maintaining robust web applications
  • Experience with NodeJS in a production environment
  • Familiarity with ES6+ features
  • Experience with Unit testing and continuous integration
  • Proficiency with Git

Nice to have

  • Being a contributor/author of an open-source project
  • Previous experience with Ethereum smart contracts
  • Experience with front-end tools and/or frameworks: Webpack, React, Redux, etc.


  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • MongoDB


Our stack

Each service runs in its own Docker pod. We’re deployed on Google Container Engine, and so these are managed by Kubernetes, with one instance being marked green and one marked blue. At any one time, one is live for our internal beta, and one is use as an intermediate ‘staging’ grounds for QA’ing new features.

The work

Your primary responsibility will be to ensure that updates are deployed in a timely fashion, and improving the current process that we have; while minor updates require zero-downtime, anything involving a database upgrade currently requires downtime and manual intervention to ensure no data loss.


  • Deployments
  • Security
  • Troubleshooting
  • Development
  • Communication

Preferred Qualifications

  • 3 years experience with monitoring, continuous integration, and release management
  • Previous startup experience


  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Google Cloud Platform / Google Container Engine
  • DevOps

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