Core Development Team

Tezos - Paris/Remote

8 months ago

One of the primary goals of Tezos is to facilitate coordination among diverse, independent parties. The governance of Tezos, as a project and a protocol, therefore, seeks to reflect this same goal: creating a mechanism for coordination and iteration, while maintaining decentralization.

In alignment with this philosophy, the mission of the Tezos Foundation is to foster the development of the Tezos protocol, to support the creation of applications leveraging Tezos, and to promote the broader goals of the project.

To execute on this vision, we intend to support the creation of a diverse set of actors contributing to Tezos over the long term. We are working to build an ecosystem in which individuals, startups, academic organizations, corporate entities, not-for-profits, public sector players, and others work independently or collaboratively to build with and on the Tezos platform.

As with any network, the critical question for Tezos' early days is how to bootstrap this ecosystem.

To this end, the Tezos Foundation is establishing organizations to house teams working on the core protocol, building out the developer experience, and crafting products and applications. The goal is for these organizations to serve as catalysts for the development of a diverse, vibrant ecosystem. We look forward to sharing more on this front in the lead-up to network launch.

As a part of this initiative, we are on the lookout for talented engineers interested in joining the developer team for the core protocol. We are seeking several types of profiles, but especially PhDs or postdocs with a strong interest in OCaml and/or blockchains. Thematically, our development team focuses on a range of problems including peer-to-peer networking, programming language design, and cryptographic algorithms.

While core development will eventually be geographically distributed, this team is currently based in Paris. Compensation is competitive.

If you meet the above requirements and are interested, please send an email with your CV

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