Community Lead

Aragon - Remote

8 months ago

Aragon’s mission is to let everyone create value without borders or intermediaries. Today we are building the new framework that the next generation of companies and organizations will be based upon, by using the Ethereum blockchain.

We are looking for a talented Community Lead to work with us on Aragon and the Aragon community. You'll be working with Tatu and the team to engage and communicate with the community, including content creation.


  • Good social skills as the job is mainly about working with people, so good communication is essential.
  • Being able to self-organize and utilize time self-management is important since you won't have a large organization to back you in the job, the ability to re-organize tasks by priority and within time constraints. (We are focus-driven work, not hours-driven).
  • Written skills for multiple reasons, interacting with people in chat context, preparing publications & reporting as well as the ability to clearly communicate our/your message to the target audience.
  • Being passionate about decentralization (having some concerns is totally fine, we all do).
  • You have at minimum some basic understanding of how Ethereum and DApps work, that would make the job a lot easier, you can get a deeper knowledge on the job, but already having the basic knowledge would go a long way.
  • Good written and spoken English, we are a distributed team and our community consists of members from all across the world.

Good to have

  • Interest and knowledge in blockchain technoloy & cryptoeconomics.
  • Experience in contributing or managing open source projects.
  • Very good written communication and content creation skills.
  • Fluent in English at a native speaker level

How to apply

Write an email with the following attachments plus any information you consider important to, with the subject Community Lead opening application.

The things we are looking for in the application are:

  • Open application with your involvement and experience in the crypto community
  • Your CV
  • An opinion editorial article on one of the following subjects (Maximum 1000 words):
    Governance models
    Participatory community
    Blockchain evolution
    ICO models
    Organizations in a decentralized world

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