Business Development and Operations

Enigma - San Francisco

6 months ago

We recently raised $45mn in a token sale and we are looking to grow our team. We’re looking for full-time non-technical hire to work directly with the founding team to help on business development, partnership development and operational tasks. We are looking for candidates who are interested in crypto-currencies and are excited to work on crypto full-time.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Research dApp landscape: Connect with dApp developers to understand their needs. Enigma is building decentralized database for blockchain developers. We need to map the players in the landscape, be in close contact with them to understand their development priorities and build relationships
  • Partnership research: Explore partnership opportunities both around Enigma | Catalyst and Enigma de-centralized data marketplace protocol. Will require you to go through whitepapers and identify synergies between Enigma and other projects in the space
    -Operational tasks: Assist Enigma business team with urgent operational tasks. Be prepared to have weekly, bi monthly projects to work on. Your work will directly impact decisions on the business side

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