Blockchain Security/Core Manager

PwC - New York

7 months ago

PwC established New Ventures to invest in new business models that leverage our knowledge and build solutions for the growing digital market.
New Ventures identifies, develops, and commercializes technology-enabled solutions that deliver PwC value, knowledge, and experience to our clients. Each new solution focuses on data-driven platforms or other IP-based solutions that leverage emerging technologies and new business models. Through the process of building new solutions, we foster a culture of innovation within the Firm, extend brand relevance in the market, and generate new revenue.
Our product build team helps each venture team to define new customer experiences around emerging technology or new applications of existing technology.
Our human-centered approach to design enables venture teams to deliver personal and contextual experiences powered by technology and analytics, and driving the total experience by engaging the customer, product, partner, and employee experiences.

Knowledge Preferred

Demonstrates extensive knowledge and/or a proven record of success in the following areas:

  • Leveraging knowledge of distributed Computing, Distributed Ledger, or Blockchain technologies;
  • Leveraging knowledge of the cryptographic principle underpinnings of Blockchain technologies;
  • Leveraging knowledge of the mathematical basis for distributed ledger and consensus technology;
  • Demonstrating hands-on and conceptual experience in security and cryptography;
  • Demonstrating knowledge of the Architecture of infrastructure, architecture and design in Cloud, (PaaS and IaaS) and Open Source;
  • Leveraging knowledge of NoSQL databases such as DocumentDB, Cloud Datastore, and MongoDB;
  • Demonstrating continuous integration/continuous deployment using (e.g. Git, Jenkins, TFS, Puppet, Chef, Maven, Gradle, Ant); and,
  • Demonstrating knowledge of Technology architecture for polyglot (Java, Go, JavaScript), Linux-based, DevOps-based projects, distributed data stores, and public key infrastructure (PKI).
  • Demonstrates extensive knowledge and/or a proven record of success in defining one or more of the following architecture aspects, including: Availability; Maintainability; Operability; Scalability; and, Portability.

Skills Preferred

  • Demonstrates extensive abilities and/or a proven record of success with managing the identification and addressing of customer needs in the following areas:
  • Working with Modern web application development [e.g. AngularJS, NodeJS, Python, CSS3, Boostrap];
  • Working within established Software Development -
    Lifecycles and methodologies including agile, scrum, iterative and waterfall;
  • Demonstrating technical Architecture programming experience: C, C+, C++, Python, C#, Java;
  • Installing, configuring, and developing knowledge including work within a production environment; and,
  • Collaborating and communicating within a team environment.

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