Base Level Software Engineer

Storj - Atlanta

8 months ago

Working at Storj Labs, Inc. is an exciting experience, you’ll be part of a dedicated team working towards improving the accessibility, reliability, convenience, privacy and security of data storage. You'll be working on bleeding edge, free software technologies in cryptocurrency and deployment infrastructure. As a startup you'll have great impact as part of our small team, and may be expected to step into new roles and grow as needed. All applicants should have a passion for decentralized and distributed systems, a strong practical understanding of cryptography, strong written and verbal communication skills, and a dedicated work ethic.

At Storj Labs, our mission is to provide the simplest experience to manage object storage infrastructure online. We are looking for a base level engineer to work on the core technologies in Atlanta, Georgia.

Who you are

  • Able to learn quickly and know how to troubleshoot
  • A technically-oriented thinker who enjoys digging under the hood and working with a variety of technologies and people
  • Able to collaborate with different teams in the organization
  • Able to be cross functional and flexible as needed by the company

What the job entails

  • Improving the reliability and scalability of the Storj network and related services
  • Building out plans and implementing adding new features
  • Working with team to define new features
  • Working with team to build out libraries for client integrations
  • Writing Ethereum smart contracts and automation
  • Fielding bug reports from the community

Skills & Requirements

  • Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D. in computer science or equivalent work experience
  • Strong experience in multiple languages including C/C++, Node.js and others
  • Strong experience in cryptographic concepts
  • Understanding of TCP/UDP and other networking protocols
  • Experience with Ethereum, Bitcoin and other blockchain cryptocurrencies
  • Experience working on Free Software projects and communities
  • Minimum of 3-5 years experience in developing production systems
  • Practical understanding of MongoDB, PostgreSQL and other database systems
  • Ability to solve problems in complex systems

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