Backend/Blockchain Engineer

Starbase - Remote

9 months ago

Starbase is a blockchain token based crowdfunding/crowdsourcing platform.

We use blockchain infrastructure for fast, efficient, global transactions, and would like to help more global innovative challenges grow.

We are now developing:

1.Token Bounty site(already developed)
2.Token Crowdsale site (half-developed)
3.Token early purchase and allocation system (half-developed)
4.Starbase platform web application (Token based crowdfunding/sourcing platform) (half-developed)
4-1. Multisig wallet system
4-2. Reward deposit & withdraw system for project
4-3. Escrow system for protect token purchasers.

We would like to enable more innovative projects to use blockchain token based crowdfunding and crowdsourcing system without knowing about blockchain things!

We are welcome for security knowledged backend engineers, because we create 2 of 3 multisig wallet system which ensure users assets in user side, but make users easy to send, receive blockchain tokens.

Or if you have enough knowledge around Solidity and securities issues around Solidity, that will be also awesome.

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